How to remove level3 search hijack from your chrome

When the problem appear

Recently when i search a not exist address from my chrome address, it will jump to the level3 search
For example, when i search “googleplay/” at chrome, and it will look like this

search it and press enter

search “google play/” in address and press enter.

jump to this page


How to resolve it

That’s call hijack, there are many reason cause it.
1. DNS hijack
2. Search hijack
3. Plugin hijack

For DNS hijack

For DNS hijack, you could change your DNS to any public DNS to resolve it, such as or

For search hijack

For search hijack, go to your browser’s setting, find your default search address, you will find some thing wrong with it, for example, you set google as your default search engine, your address will looks like:

But if your are hijacked, your address will have some wired suffix, it will looks like : suffix

Now what you need to do is delete the suffix **makes your search address looks like : **

For plugin hijack

Maybe you have install some plugin for your browser, they will cause hijack too.

You need to do is uninstall your plugin one by one to find out which plugin is make fun with you.

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